There are millions of handbags in the world featuring a diverse array of sizes, styles, colors and materials.

Literally. Millions.

Our customers don’t purchase our products because they want to add another handbag to their collection. They seek out Cosmic Love because of our commitment to an eco-conscious, animal-friendly lifestyle.

Even our name, Cosmic Love, promotes our promise to inclusivity, with an affinity for all things related to the nature and cosmic world, including animals.

However, what makes us truly unique is our use of vegan leathers made of recycled materials, rather than animal skins. It’s important to point out that not all vegan leathers are the same. That’s because many of the so-called vegan leathers on the market today are fashioned from PVC, a synthetic material that is can be very damaging to the environment.

So why do these companies use PVC? The answer is a common one: Cost. PVC is a relatively cheap plastic-derived material that is easy and affordable to purchase, allowing companies to market to their “vegan leather” to socially conscious consumers while maximizing company profits.

Our founder Mandy Cheung refuses to cut corners. She designs each bag and oversees production herself, paying close attention to even the minute details. Because her quality standards, Mandy noted that most vegan handbags were flawed. They were small, casual and downright boring. She wanted her handbags to fit into an active’s woman’s lifestyle, with the goal to be not only practical and functional, but also inspirational.

Our logo is proudly incorporated into each handbag. The logo is a sacred geometric shape obtained from a mandala, denoting strength, good health and encouragement. The logo signifies our commitment to supporting women, empowering them to achieve more and be their own heroines.

Feel fashionable. Be proud. Buy with confidence from Cosmic Love.