Mandy CheungI founded Cosmic Love with a simple dream: To help women feel empowered so they could use their energy and spirit to make good things happen in the world one small step at a time.

I believes that women of all ages, races and abilities have a common desire to make their neighborhoods and workspaces more desirable places. By designing Cosmic Love handbags with an environmentally-forward focus, I am able to provide women with the confidence they need to face their own unique daily challenges, while adhering to the values they fervently believe in. In the process, it is also my goal they can educate people with their message and change their communities for the better.

Working as a corporate finance adviser, my quest for a better handbag began because I couldn’t find one that was vegan, versatile enough to carry from daytime to nighttime and spacious enough to hold my possessions. However, an entrepreneur and believer in self-reflection and self-improvement at heart, my mission soon took on a different meaning.

Through Cosmic Love, I can share not only my creativity, but my passion for the power within every woman. I have been inspired by watching my female friends, colleagues and family members. No matter the circumstances, these women faced challenges head on. It was then I realized why women needed to be celebrated for the amazing “sheroes” they are.

I know that all too often, other people can get inside our heads, making us second guess our beliefs. I want to quiet that self-doubt with handbags designed to inspire.

It wasn’t always easy, but after two years of contemplating, I decided to start my company and found a way to make my dream a reality.

After all, not all “sheroes” require a cape to change the world, just a little superpower, strength and, of course, a fashionable handbag.