At Cosmic Love, we are inspired by the strength, beauty and compassion of women. Our vegan handbags reflect this power and sense of conviction while appealing to your sense of fashion. Much love and care have gone into the construction of our handbags so that you don’t have to sacrifice your personal beliefs to find a handbag that suits your needs.

Our founder Mandy Cheung believes that spirituality dwells inside each of us, constantly encouraging us to do better, be kinder and take more positive actions to change the world around us. It is this expectation that challenged her to create Cosmic Love, a socially conscious, modern brand. Mandy has used her knowledge of the financial industry to build a strong company all while following her commitment to a pescatarian lifestyle by crafting high quality handbags that are functional, beautiful and fashionable.

Handbags have been part of everyone woman’s wardrobe for decades, but we found a way to update them to fit into your environmentally-forward, animal-friendly life.  Mandy designs each bag herself, paying close attention to the small details. Each handbag is crafted from vegan and recycled materials and our logo, a sacred geometric shape obtained from a mandala, is also prominently displayed.

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that we should inspire women to be eco-conscious and compassionate as they go about making their mark in the world and setting an example for young women. Cosmic Love’s handbags showcase its promise to the environment, responsibility to sustainability and pledge to be cruelty-free while also seeking to support women as they follow their dreams.

As a company, Cosmic Love is passionate about what we offer because we know our handbags can empower women. Thanks to ease of style and ability to be convertible, the bags complement your daily and special occasion needs. Mandy has intentionally decided to manufacture her handbags in Guangzhou, China because the factory is not only very familiar with using recycled materials, but its workers are young, smart and culturally-diverse –the perfect reflection of Cosmic Love’s vision for fashion industry that cherishes animals and the planet. She has personally visited to factory to meet with management, talk with staff and view the factory’s working conditions. She is satisfied that the staff’s work is appreciated and the philosophy behind her brand is embraced.

Sourced from high quality materials and delivered straight to your door, Cosmic Love is a fresh brand featuring fun and fabulous handbags that can’t be found on any store shelf. It’s the path Mandy has chosen to share her passion for helping women look good and feel good. Our handbags are just the encouragement you need as a reminder to take care of your well-being and love yourself.

We personally stand behind all our products, so you can be confident that you will be happy with your choices. Cosmic Love’s goal is not to just meet your expectations – it is to exceed it. Join us on this journey to looking and feeling your best!